Michael Mazur

Michael Mazur was an American artist whose work is collected in The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MOMA, The Whitney Museum of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum.

Images from a Closed Ward

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Images From a Closed Ward: Michael Hersch on Michael Mazur

Blair String Quartet
March 7th, 2012
Carnegie Hall’s Weill’s Recital Hall, 8pm

“Images from a Closed Ward” is a 13-movement, 45-minute work that was inspired by etchings from the late visual artist Michael Mazur of mental institutions in the 1960s. The work incorporates expressive markings ranging from “longing, quiet, extreme grief” to “raging violently throughout.” While Hersch has written for a broad range of instrumentation, “Images from a Closed Ward” is his first string quartet in 20 years. “The catalyst for ‘Images from a Closed Ward’ came from two groups of etchings I encountered by Michael Mazur, who was also a friend,” explains Hersch. “The images are devastating ones, and they had a profound impact on me. The fact that visual art became something of an ignition point for my work was a very new experience.” “This piece pushes the boundaries of a traditional quartet’s soundscapes,” said Wang. “The voice that you hear in this music is highly personal and original. We are extremely proud to work with Michael and to premiere this deeply moving quartet.”

For more information visit www.michaelhersch.com.