Michael Mazur

Michael Mazur was an American artist whose work is collected in The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MOMA, The Whitney Museum of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum.

Documentaries on Mazur’s Monotype Process

The documentaries, Making Monotypes: the Art of Michael Mazur (15 min) and Wakeby Day, Wakeby Night: a Monotype Mural By Michael Mazur (29 min), are now available for online viewing.

Each video explores the creative practice and theories of this important American artist. In Making Monotypes, Mazur demonstates the techniques involved in monotype, the printmaking medium he revolutionized between the 1980s and 2000s. As Mazur creates a pair of monotype images of an amiryllis the camera captures each step of the process, accompanied by an insightful and informative narration by the artist.

The subject of “Wakeby Day, Wakeby Night,” is one of the most ambitious monotype projects in printmaking history, Mazur’s monumental installation commissioned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Again, the viewer is given an intimate and detailed look at the materials and methods of this distinctive process, from initial sketches through final printing. Interviews and narration by the artist explain and illuminate the process.

Taken together, these two short films provide an understanding of the art of monotype as well as the artistic philosophy of this brilliand and innovative  prinmaker and painter.