Michael Mazur

Michael Mazur was an American artist whose work is collected in The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MOMA, The Whitney Museum of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum.


“…In his latest of his series of shows at the Barbara Krakow Gallery, 16 new works in acrylic, collage and mixed media demonstrate both a technical deftness and a quality of intuition which is easier to catalogue than to explain or interpret. Five abstract Illuminations numbered with precise Roman numerals speak a mostly curvilinear language whose syllables are inflected from painting to painting, but seem, in themselves, unique evocations. Illumination I (nocturne) hovers at one pole against a sky of pulsating, refulgent blue and roots at it’s other pole into a viscous blue the depth of midnight. In between, so many shades of transition pass from one blue to another that this transition itself becomes an event of infinite progression and regression. The precision of balancing shapes, one rooted, the other hovering is belied but not betrayed by the deliquescent blue which suspends them both ­ they seem to need each other as a skeleton and flesh, container and contained…It is a delight to absorb in these sensuous colors and redolent forms the modulations of spontaneity and discipline, expressive gesture and control which ripple through Michael Mazur’s new works in as seamless and provocative an amalgam as paint and purpose can achieve.”

— James Foritano